Teaching (Academic courses)

European Union Law and Sustainable Development

The Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Module in European Union Law and Sustainable Development, hosted by the University of Siena and funded under the 2017 EACEA’s Call for Proposals, seeks to explore the ever-expanding corpus of European Union Law relating to sustainable development.

The Module introduces a highly-innovative angle in EU legal studies, promotes excellence in the teaching of advanced EU issues, and equips students with in-depth knowledge of the critical role of the EU legal system in shaping the response of the European Union to the challenges of sustainable development. It consists of: (i) a series of keynote lectures by leading scholars or practitioners; (ii) a 40-hour course, characterised by frontal lectures, analyses of case studies, and discussion groups; (iii) a 5-hour final roundtable multidisciplinary discussion with experts and practitioners from different sectors; (iv) a dedicated website and a series of webinars with experts and practitioners in different fields of EU law and sustainable development.