The Role of Litigation in Norm Transformation: A Study of Human Right Approaches to Environment

The research aims to explore the role of litigation in norm transformation. It evaluates the norm transformation in human right approaches to environment with the purpose of outlining the role of litigation in this process. Norm transformation is a global, open-ended and decentralized process with various involved actors. Litigation is not the prime mover of norm transformation, but being a part of the social world, it is one forum where struggle for social change occurs. In order to analyze the role of litigation in social norm transformation process, the research proposes five mechanisms through which litigation affects broader normative environment. The identified litigation mechanisms of norm transformation are access to transnational networks, legal framing, legal interpretation, precedent-setting and public attention. The relevancy and accuracy of these mechanisms are analyzed through four different case studies from India and Turkey.

In progress
Defne Gonenc
PhD Student
Defne Gonenc