External Initiatives (Student Internships)

Dr. Denis Mukwege Foundation

As an intern for the Dr. Denis Mukwege Foundation, I work in a number of different capacities. Over the summer, I organized, coordinated and executed an exhibition, here in Geneva, that featured artwork done by survivors of sexual violence in conflict. Survivors from around the world attended the exhibition, performed, and spoke about the dire need for systemic societal change in order to end the use of rape as a weapon of war.

I am currently working with our team in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to collate and edit a handbook that details and promotes a holistic approach to care for survivors. This handbook is intended to be distributed to different conflict and post-conflict zones around the world where it can inform medical, psychological, legal and socioeconomic actors about the benefits and needs for providing a range of care options to survivors.

I have been with the Mukwege Foundation for almost a year now, and continue to be both challenged by and committed to the diverse projects to which I am asked to contribute.