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Bit-by-bit: Search Strategies, Resource Organization, Management & Sustainability; The Creation of Knowledge in the Digital Era

Thanks to the groundbreaking works of historians, anthropologists, sociologists and researchers in related interdisciplinary fields (medium theory, cybernetics), it has by now become accepted wisdom that not only the amount, but also the nature of scientific knowledge is a function of the constraints and opportunities that are hard-wired into the communication technologies that contain it. We are nowadays experiencing yet another sea change in information production and dissemination, conveniently summarized as the ‘digital revolution’.

Exploring the disruptive impact of the latter on the production of scientific knowledge is the mainstay of this course and project. As this course does not believe in the usefulness of the traditional lecture (and neither should you), the approach is ‘hands-on’: through the concrete manipulation of a wide range of (scholarly) tools, students will gradually be made aware of how conceptual domains and knowledge categories are shifting and emerging, and what types of attention will be indispensible when doing research in the aftermath (and mirror) of the ‘Gutenberg Galaxy’….

This course will take students on a digital journey which includes the management of bibliographic sources, alternative methods of writing and publication, tools for integrating writing and data analysis, etcetera. We also look into contemporary debates on preservation, data visualization, the relevance of academic debate in modern society, and what else. Get ready!


Academic courses
Michael Schiltz
Michael Schiltz